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Welcome to SHS Perforated Materials Inc.

You can gain a small insight into the world of perforated sheet metal on our website.

Whether you are looking for the usual perforated plates, embossed plates, customised perforations for trieurs or filter applications - at SHS you will find almost everything.

Perforated sheet metal from SHS dries, sorts, protects and filters for our customers … for more than 100 years … worldwide …

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Company Profile

More than 100 years of perforated materials - that means more than 100 years of experience. Experience our business partners benefit from.

Sound advice is the basis of perfect project handling. This especially holds true for technically demanding tasks – this is where our staff are at your disposal with help and advice. With ideas, flexibility and competence, we welcome the 21st century and even the most extraordinary challenge.

Our customers can rely on that – whether the task is small or large.

In more than 100 years, we have had the opportunity to gather essential experience and to integrate this into the quality of our products. We have made the most of our opportunity to develop expertise that we are more than happy to apply for you.

What We Offer


We manufacture standard and custom-made products in line with your requirements or problems on CNC/NC controlled presses:

Large-format presses and strip-feed presses and nibblers Straighteners/ Flatteners that cater for perfect Flatness after hole-punching.

The possibility of further processing is ensured by plate shearing, press brakes, swing-folding brakes, eccentric presses, bending rollers and many other machines.

Our own tool shop designs, creates and services the tools and devices necessary for this. In principle, it is possible for us to punch almost any technically viable hole in more or less all materials because we dispose of a large number of machines and tools as well as a modern equipped tool shop where the

  • construction
  • new production
  • servicing

of the various perforation, bending and stamping tools are carried out. At this point it must be noted that the stamping of so-called border perforations, i.e. hole diameter = sheet thickness is not impossible for us even in stainless steel.

In more than 100 years, we have had the opportunity to gather significant experience and to incorporate it into the quality of our products.

We made the most of our chance to develop expertise that we are happy to apply for you.

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